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steel-frame kitset homes from C-Style HomesSteel-frame homes, Ideal for the "DIY"er, offering unbeatable value for money

New Zealand was built on a "DIY" attitude. While the New Zealand building code has tightened up on who can "call themselves a builder", it is still possible for you to build your own home. C-Style Homes provides you with the best place to start, through our Kitset approach to the structural elements of your new home.

The rules; http://www.dbh.govt.nz/builditright-homeowners-owner-exemptions


Building a house basically involves design, materials and labour, so logically the best way to save money is to design it efficiently, source lower-cost materials and to do (some or all of) it yourself.

The first step is to figure out how big a house you can build. Quite possibly the reason you are looking at a kitset home to build yourself is to keep costs down to the minimum. But you still need a place to start.

For initial budgeting we suggest you allow around $1800 per square metre (no promises, but from our experience this is a reasonable "finished cost" to build a house in New Zealand). This figure will vary depending on your standard of finishes and your building site.

(Another "rule of thumb" is that materials make up around 2/3 of build cost while labour is around 1/3.)

From here you can work backwards from "how much you can afford" to figure out "how big you can build".

Design - We offer a tailored quote for our 2-stage design process

  1. Concept design - Use one of our kitset home designs, or one of your own, we will work with you to customise the right design for YOU on YOUR SECTION. Once completed you will be able to work out with much higher accuracy what your final build costs will be.

  2. Consent and Working Drawings (engineering as required) - All that's required to build it.

Kitset Build - DIY full or part

  • Pre-fabricated floor, wall and roof framing Kitset delivered to site
  • Kitset Installation service if required
  • Help finding a builder if required
  • Manuals and technical support

Steel frame construction for greater strength and longer life

Our Kitset approach to construction keeps you in control.

Due to their steel frame construction, our kitset homes are not only strong but also long-lasting. They'll never rot. They're also designed to withstand earthquakes, snow and high winds. Our homes are suitable for most building sites. (If you have any doubts about your site you will need to consult a professional engineer who will provide guidance on soil stability).

Our pre-fabricated Kitset steel walls and trusses are provided by FRAMETEK, New Zealand’s leading provider of quality, cost-effective and long lasting steel framing systems, who use only AXXIS steel provided by New Zealand Steel.

For more information please click here.  or call FRAMETEK on 0800 50 STEEL.